the (unscored) leaderboard

Not every subject gets a score. Some of them could be ranked in the general leaderboard, while others don’t really make sense there… but I can rank all of them against each other because why not.

1The Best Movies of the 2010s12/30/19
28 Korean Movies I Quite Like02/17/20
3Slave Play / What the Constitution Means to Me09/19/19
4Resurrection of the Little Match Girl12/16/19
5The Best Movies of 201812/31/18
6The Academy Award Nominees01/20/20
7Making Money on YouTube12/23/19
8Horror Movies from my Facebook Friends05/11/20
9Daniel Sloss: Hubris03/09/20
10Contagion & Outbreak03/23/20
11Sonic the Hedgehog02/12/20