The About Section

The Week I Review is a weekly YouTube review show. But it’s not a typical review show in the sense that its premise is ludicrously niche: I, Alec Kubas-Meyer, will review the most interesting thing I experienced the previous week. It might be a movie or a video game or a city I went to or an app I used. I don’t know yet. In that sense, it will be very personal, so… maybe a review show by way of a vlog? It’s mostly just me talking into a camera. Call it whatever you want.

TheWeekIReviewDotCom is an alternate way of accessing the information presented in the show. Most Mondays, I will post the teleprompted text – minus intro/outro – from that week’s video. There will not be anything extra or special about it, but it will be there for you to read instead of listen to, if that’s what you would prefer.

Unique to this site is the The Leaderboard, a complete collection of every review in context with every other review. Despite the fact that everything is graded on the same 100-point scale, that rating is not the only thing to determine a given ranking. If you’re curious how anything stacks up against any other thing, check it out.