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Welcome to The Week I Review Dot Com, the official website of The Week I Review on YouTube. This is where you can find a complete ranking of every single item* that has ever been reviewed on the channel in context with every other item.

Of course, it is a fool’s errand to directly compare radically dissimilar subjects… but I’m doing it anyway.

As noted all the way back in Episode #1.1, reviews are done on a 100-point scale, but the score is only part of a video’s overall placement on the list… and ranks may change over time, though scores will remain static.

*Some videos do not receive an official score for a variety of reasons; they are ranked separately on The (Unscored) Leaderboard.

1Assassination Nation1007/20/20
2Spring Breakers9.503/18/19
6Dance Gavin Dance9.304/15/19
8BoJack Horseman Season 59.209/18/18
12You Season 29.201/13/20
14Daniel Sloss: X9.002/11/19
15Islands of Adventure9.009/17/18
16The Good Place: Season 39.102/04/19
17Save the Green Planet9.011/25/19
18Resurrection of the Little Match GirlN/A12/16/19
19The Nightingale9.006/08/20
20Never Rarely Sometimes Always8.906/01/20
21Small Axe: Mangrove9.011/23/20
22Vacation in Nuevo Vallarta8.908/20/18
23The 35mm Film Print Experience8.903/04/19
24Getting That YouTube Ad MoneyN/A12/23/19
25The Exorcist III8.811/03/20
26The ExorcistN/A10/19/20
28The Assistant8.802/02/20
30Hannah Gadsby: Douglas8.807/29/19
31The Art of Self Defense8.607/15/19
32The Hunt8.703/15/20
33AMC Stubs A-List8.708/05/19
34Anna and the Apocalypse8.312/10/18
35Hamilton: An American Musical8.601/06/20
36Aggretsuko: We Wish You a Metal Christmas8.712/24/18
37Reese's Peanut Butter Cups8.611/12/18
38Modern Vegan Burgers8.606/03/19
40Daniel Sloss: Socio8.506/24/19
41Daniel Sloss: HubrisN/A03/09/20
42The Worst Idea of All Time8.507/09/20
43Creating a YouTube Channel8.508/20/18
44Labyrinth of CinemaN/A07/29/20
45i'm thinking of ending things8.509/09/20
46Mack Weldon8.404/01/19
47Lovers Rock8.512/02/20
48First Man: The IMAX Experience8.610/15/18
49The Invisible Man (2020)8.503/02/20
51Wage War8.311/04/19
52Education Education8.512/30/20
53God Is an Astronaut8.210/28/19
54John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum8.405/20/19
56Freaky Freaky8.412/07/20
57Trevor Noah: Loud & Clear8.411/15/19
58Red, White, and Blue Red, White, and Blue8.412/18/20
59The Rhythm Section8.202/05/19
60Sea Wall / A Life8.409/16/19
61Burn This8.305/03/19
62The Criterion Channel8.204/22/19
63Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward8.311/14/18
64The Foul King8.212/09/19
65Crazy Samurai Musashi8.508/27/20
67Jacqueline Novak: Get On Your Knees8.101/27/19
68Dashboard Confessional8.108/27/18
70My Camera Gear (2019)7.908/21/19
71Nailed It!7.904/06/20
72Special Actors7.907/24/20
73Sing Street Off-Broadway7.912/02/19
74The Lighthouse8.110/21/19
75Ratatoullie: The Tik Tok Musical Ratatoullie: The Tik Tok Musical 7.901/04/21
76James Acaster8.004/08/19
77Google Pixel 38.211/05/18
79My Video-Making Process7.708/20/19
80Gangs of London7.706/25/20
81The Night Comes for Us7.905/27/19
82Tom Segura: Take It Down7.911/11/19
83Royalty-Free Music Subscription Services7.812/03/18
84A Year on YouTube7.508/19/19
85Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise7.707/01/19
87Pokemon Detective Pikachu7.305/13/19
88Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom7.501/17/19
89Fyre & Fyre Fraud7.501/21/19
90First Love7.410/18/19
91The Week I Review7.008/23/19
93Murder By Numbers7.404/28/20
94Resident Evil 37.304/14/20
95The Call The Call7.412/10/20
96Alex Wheatle Alex Wheatle7.512/23/20
97Moon Pies vs. Choco Pies7.2509/10/18
98Submitting to Film Festivals7.009/03/18
99Creating a Patreon7.208/22/19
100A (Second) Year on YouTubeN/A08/18/20
102Harry Potter and the Cursed Child6.903/30/20
103I Can't See6.6610/01/19
105Los Angeles Tacos6.710/01/18
106Behind the Mask6.910/26/20
107It: Chapter Two6.709/09/19
109Inside the Mind of Jake Paul6.910/22/18
110Fukushima 506.307/26/20
111Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula6.008/21/20
112Underground Airlines6.308/20/18
113Black Mirror Season 56.206/10/19
114Google Ads6.102/25/19
116Sonic the HedgehogN/A02/12/20
118Dear Evan Hansen5.002/18/19
120The Adventure Zone: Murder on the Rockport Limited4.707/22/19
121Black Mirror: Bandersmatch4.501/14/19
122Bird Box3.001/14/19